Just Loved Kanheri Caves of Borivali Mumbai

Have you ever been to Mumbai, Maharashtra? If you haven't and are planning to, consider paying a visit to Kanheri Caves as well! These caves are located in Borivali suburb of Mumbai and are said to be 2400 years old.  In this article, I will post the info about how to reach Kanheri Caves. I will also share the video I made there and all the other info which will be handy for the tourists!

How to reach Kanheri Caves?

Kanheri caves are located inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai's suburban area Borivali. Auto rickshaws, BST buses and Mumbai local trains can easily get you there. However, the best way to reach is auto rickshaws if you are with your partner. 

If you are on budget, its highly advisable that you pick local buses that are easily available from Goregaon bus stand. 

Once you are inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, look for a taxi. As these caves are about 10 kms inside. The cost of the taxi is about Rs. 40-50 per passenger. 

After 20-30 minutes of ride, you reach the entry point of Kanheri Caves. To enter, you need to pay a small fee, after making the payment, take the slip. The security guys won't let you enter without the slip, make sure you don't forget to take the entry slip.

Here's The History of Kanheri Caves:

If you want to learn more about these ancient caves, here's the photo you can zoom in and read. This is just a few meters away from the entry point.

kanheri caves mumbai borival

This info is written in Hindi, English and Marathi.

This is the trek, very easy to do :)

Kanheri caves trek

The photo you see above is just 100 meters away from the entry point.

How many caves are there in Kanheri Caves?

To be honest, I did not count these caves, they are so many and I lost count. To answer this question I looked it up and came to know that, this place has 109 caves in total. Following is one of photo of one of the caves:

Photos of Kanheri Caves Borival Mumbai

In my experience, the whole atmosphere around these caves is very calm and enjoyable. Anyone who wants to go away from the hectic traffic and fast life of busy Mumbai, this is the best place. I spent three months in Mumbai, didn't know about these caves before, only few weeks prior to journey back home I could go there.

Now what should you take along!

If you are going to these caves during Monsoon, make sure to take an umbrella or raincoat with you. Apart from that, you can visit the place without worrying much about other stuff you need to carry with you. 

Tea, vada pav, idli, Samosa are easily available inside. Though, if you are visiting with kids, make sure to take biscuits and snacks of their liking with you. Water bottles are also recommended as there are no taps I could find.

Watch this Kanheri Caves Video


Hope this post is insightful and you go on to share it with your friends and family. Let me know if you have any question in regards to this. 

Happy travelling!
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