Trip To Golden Temple Amritsar - Small Guide

Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib as the locals call it, is the Sikh Gurudwara that gets over 100,000 devotees from all over the world daily, even in the pandemic, this holy place was not fully closed. Such is the devotion people have for this historical Temple..

Situated in the middle of Amritsar City, this religious place not only attracts Sikhs but people of all religions and faiths. The four gates in all four directions of the Gurudwara Sahib are open for anyone 24x7 and throughout the year. I have personally been to Harmandir Sahib(Another Name) more times than I can remember. Therefore, it's my responsibility to let my readers know all about it! 

Whether you are from India, or anywhere else in the world, you will find this small guide very helpful. Especially if you are planning to pay a visit to Golden temple, Amritsar. In this article I explain in details, how to reach Golden Temple By Bus, Train and other mediums of transport.

Not only that, I also share helpful info about getting to Golden Temple from Bus Station, Railway Station and Airport. So, whether you plan to visit now or sometime later, this guide could be a great little guide for you!

Golden Temple Amritsar

How far is Golden Temple from Bus Stand?

The distance of Golden Temple from Amritsar bus stand is just 1 KM. I recommend that you prefer going on foot through the bazars nearby, as you will love the little shops selling clothes, local food and special Amritsari things you won't find anywhere else. However, if you decide to go on foot, please be ready for huge rush and honking, coz it is the most happening part of Amritsar, in fact center of the city. 

Alternatively, you may opt for, E-Rickshaws and Three Wheelers as well, they are also available from the bus stand. Make sure you don't over pay. The charge per passenger should not be more than ₹20 in 2022. However, if you take solo ride you have to pay much more.

The distance of Golden Temple from Amritsar Railway Station

The distance of Golden Temple from Railway Station is around 4 KM. Auto rickshaws, taxis are easily available from the station. I would suggest you to book online cab. Operators like OLA and Uber work fine in Amritsar. Hiring a taxi from station offline is not a good idea if you are not good at negotiation.

Free rides are also available from both Railway Station and bus stand. I am not sure about the timings of the same though. Choose the option you feel would be best for your comfort.

If you are a youngster who does not mind walking, this could be a great trail. Do choose to walk your way to Golden Temple.

How far is Golden Temple from Amritsar Airport

The distance between Golden Temple and Shri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport Amritsar is 12 KM. 
It is very easy to reach Darbar Sahib from the Airport by hiring a cab through OLA or Uber. There are local taxis as well, but you will need to negotiate with them. 

Again, you can decide for yourself. I would personally book a Taxi online to save me time and trouble.

Hotels near Golden Temple Amritsar

There is no shortage of hotels near Golden Temple, one can easily avail them online or offline. I would recommend preferring OYO rooms, CleartripGoibiboMakemytrip or other online hotel booking websites for best experience. If you would like to stay with locals, you can try sites like Airbnb.

The price of the hotel rooms vary depending largely on the proximity to Golden Temple. Normally, in 2 star of 3 star hotel, rooms are available from ₹700-2000/night. And same goes for the guest houses. However, during winters, and festivals season, the rates go up due to surge in demand.

If you prefer luxury hotels, don't worry, Amritsar offers plenty of them. Some of the best ones  are Taj Hotel, Hyatt, Radisson Blue.

Hotel Ramada, Mohan International, M.K Hotel can also be a great option for comfortable stay. All of them are within 10 kms range from Golden Temple.

So, to find a hotel or a local guest house for your next trip to Golden Temple Amritsar should not be tough. Just follow what I have suggested in this guide and you will be good to go.

The best food to try near Golden Temple

Amritsar is a heaven for food lovers, vegetarian to non-vegetarian cuisines of the city are famous worldwide, . There are plenty of restaurants, dhabas and food stalls near Golden Temple. One can fulfill their appetite in less than ₹50. Though there are so many food items to try but things that I love the most are down below

Few things I would suggest you to try:

Kulcha: Available in many forms, try mix or paneer kulcha, you will fall in love with it.
Cost: ₹30 - 70

Amritsari kulcha

Lassi: You must try Amritsari lassi, it's the best in the world :)
Cost: ₹55 - 110

Amritsari Lassi Near Golden Temple

Free Food For All: Golden Temple offers free food to all the devotees throughout the year 24/7. The langar hall is open for everyone. I would highly recommend you to go there and have food there at least once during your stay in Amritsar.

Make sure to respect the Golden Temple rules

Golden temple is open for everyone, anyone from any part of the world can come to Gurudwara Sahib. Only rules that devotees must respect inside the golden temples premises are:
  • Cover your head with a handkerchief, caps  are not allowed
  • Shorts are not allowed
  • You can't carry Prasad from outside
  • Use of camera is not allowed in a darshan queue
  • Please don't feed fishes
  • Don't swim in Sarovar
  • Don't litter

The above rules are not tough to obey, make sure to follow them respectfully.

Best time to visit Golden Temple

Golden temple is open to devotes throughout the year, you can visit the Gurudwara Sahib anytime you want. However, if you want the best overall experience, I would suggest you to visit anytime during October to April. The weather during this period is pleasant, you will have a great time.

My recent trip to Golden Temple

As I stated above, I have been to Golden temple more times than I can remember, my last trip on 23rd of Decemeber 2023, a few days back. I went there in the night after finishing my hectic day, and enjoyed a lot!

For more, watch this video:

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