What is in my Backpack?

what is my backpack

In today's day and age, all Gumakkads of the world somewhat carry the same backpack. And I am no different. A travelers backpack should contain each and every item that can help in hostile conditions. So I do carry all of them in all of my solo trips. However when I am traveling with friends and family, I don't bother about my backpack essentials.

Nevertheless, for the most part, I travel alone so my backpack stays the same always. So in this page I am going to list all the items and resources I use for my travel. You may want to use them for your travel plans as required.

First of all, I buy most of my travel items from Decathlon and local shops. You will easily find these products online as well if they are not available in your locality.

So, without a further ado, lets get straight to my Backpack items:

The Backpack my Rucksack

The first and foremost thing is the quality waterproof backpack with a lot of space to carry my essential items safely. For this I have an 80 liters of Rucksack, and it servers the purpose pretty well for me. 

You can get a similar backpack for yourself if you want. I would recommend this one:

This kind of backpack can easily carry your Cloths, Laptop, other electronic items and much more. 

Here's what I carry in my Backpack Rucksack

You  now know about the rucksack I carry, but what about the items inside? So, the following is a list of items I always carry in my travel backpack. I believe these backpack essentials are extremely necessary for anyone who prefers to visit remote places where facilities are lot less than when compared to happening places.


The number one thing in my backpack is My Laptop, yes, that is the foremost thing! Without my laptop I would not be able to live a life of Gumakkad. So, Laptop is a must for me anywhere I go. 

Currently I am using Lenovo's Ideapad 300-i5ISK laptop. I have been using this machine since 2017 and really love it.

I can forget to carry my passport but my laptop? Nah, I always carry it with me where ever I go.

Power Bank

Another thing that I never forget to carry with me is the power bank. More often than note I do camping in remote places where there is no way to charge my smartphone. In such situations, my 20,000 mah power bank really comes handy. So, it is highly recommended that you carry it with you where ever you go.

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