Learn Everything About Shri Badrinath Dham Yatra in this Guide

How to reach Shri Badrinath Dham - Yatra info

Badrinath Dham is one of the oldest and most sacred Hindu temples in Uttarakhand. This temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu, pilgrims from all over India register their presence here every year during May to November. This ancient temple remains covered in 15-20 feet of snow rest of the year, and is closed for everyone.

If you want to go to this holy place, consider reading this post in full.I will cover all the details you should know. Right from how to reach, what to eat, where to sleep and lot more :)

How to reach Badrinath Dham?

There are two ways to reach Shri Badrinatth Dham, I will cover both in this guide. 

  • From Sonprayag
  • From Rishikesh/Haridwar

How to reach Badrinath From Sonprayatg?

The total distance from Sonprayag to Badrinath is around 290 kms. You should consider this route when you are back from 16 kms of Kedarnath trek. Buses and private taxis are easily available from Sonprayag. However, make an advance booking from Ghadwal Mandal office if you are looking to go by a bus.

During May to June, these buses are packed to capacity, getting a seat is a tough task. We went there in June, even after spending 3-4 hours in queue we couldn't get ourselves any tickets. 

Therefore, we were left with no choice but to hire a private taxi! The worse part was, the rates of these taxi were sky high. After all the negotiations, the price we agreed on was Rs. 12000. This price was shared by 8 people, so it was Rs. 1500 for each passenger. 

We left for Badrinath dham at 11 am in the morning and finally reached there at 10 pm. The road conditions were average, but the scenic view of hills and greenery makes it up for it. 

How to reach Badrinath from Haridwar or Rishikesh?

The distance from Haridwar to Badrinath is 319 kms and from Rishikesh to Badrinath is 295 kms. Direct buses are available for Badrinath Dham both from Haridwar and Rishikesh. If you are going after the month of June, you can easily avail them. 

Bus tickets can be booked both online and offline depending upon the season and availability. Here's the website you need to go to if you want to book online: https://utconline.uk.gov.in/

The fare from Haridwar in ordinary bus is: Rs. 565
From Rishikesh the bus fare is: Rs. 530

buses to bardinath from rishikesh/haridwar

Where to stay and what to eat?

This place is much better in terms of Restaurants, hotels and ATMs. One can easily get a hotel or Lodge right next to Temple premises. The temple is just a walking distance away from bus stop. The food quality in restaurants in Badrinath is much better than Kedarnath. The food is not as costly, hotel rooms are also not expensive, though we paid Rs. 2000 for a room.

One can enjoy Roti, Chawal, South Indian, Punjabi and other popular vegetarian cuisines in Badrinath dham.

Following are some of the rates I recall:

Tea = Rs. 15
Coffee = Rs. 20
Breakfast = Under Rs. 50
Lunch = Under Rs. 100
Dinner = Under Rs. 100
Milk = 100 ml Rs. 20

Taking dip in natural hot water spring

It is highly recommended that you take a dip in naturally formed hot water spring. Besides the spiritual or holy ritual, there are a lot of benefits. A dip in hot spring will take all the tiredness away and you will feel a lot fresh before finally standing in long queues for darshan. 

After 3 hours of wait, we finally entered the temple premises and paid obeisance to shri Badrinath bhagwan. 

To learn more, watch this video:

Hope I have included everything in this video. If you have any questions, kindly comment down below, I will try my best to answer in best way possible!

Happy Journey!

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