Great news for Indian Travelers - Free Russian E-Visa

There is a great news for the Indian travelers who want to visit Russia! From 1st of October, 2019, travelers can go online and get themselves a free Russian E-Visa to travel to St. Petersburg.

Free Russian E-VISA to St Petersburg Russia for Indian travelers

All you have to do is just fill in the application form on this website, and that will be all! Isn't it great? The best part is online applications can be submitted 24x7. I am sure all of you Gumakkads are as happy and excited as me after learning about this great news!

According to Russian Embassy, e-visa gets issued within four calendar days. For example, If I applied for e-visa on 1st of October, it will be issued on or before 5th of October. Since there is no need for any invitations or confirmations, the visa issuance process has become faster. Once again, this is going to be absolutely free!

The Validity of free Russian E-Visa

The free E-Visa has 30 days of Validity. The travelers are allowed to stay in the country for 8 days. No documents required to avail the free Visa, all they ask for is your clear digital photo.

Flights from India to Russia

If you talk about direct flights, there are only two daily flights to Moscow, operated by Aeroflot, a Russian carrier. This company is planning to start more flights in coming months, from Mumbai to Moscow. 

There used to an Air India flight from Delhi to Moscow in the past, it's no more operational now. There are talks of Indigo starting direct flights to Russia soon. Do keep an eye on this blog for the info as and when these new flights are added.

How costly is Russia for Indians?

Russia is not that costly for Indians, their currency and our currency are almost at equal valuation. Here is today's INR vs Ruble(Russian Currency) chart:

INR vs Ruble currency Russia costly for Indians?

Since, both the currencies are at almost equal level, travelers from India will find traveling in Russia quite affordable.

Free E-Visa To Russia from St. Petersburg

This E- Visa enables you to visit only St. Petersburg, and Leningrad region, please know you can not visit any other parts of Russia with this visa. And according Russian Embassy officials here in India, E-Visa is likely to be available at all major Russian cities, including Moscow and Sochi, by 1st of Jan, 2021.

For those who do not know, here's a quick fact:  There is 20% annual growth of Indians travelers going to Russia! This Free E-VISA is going to make these figures soar for sure!


If you are planning a foreign trip, Russia could be a great destination for you. The country is so welcoming and known for their hospitality. Do make use of this free E-VISA, book tickets beforehand, and you will have a great stay

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