Learning on the go is possible with MOOCs like Udemy

Learn on the go with Udemy, Coursera

Is it possible to learn on the go? I will say absolutely, Yes! It is totally possible and I have been doing that since long time. 

I just can't sit in one place for long time. I love travelling, and that's how I would like to stay forever. Now, at the same time I have to keep myself up to date for the skills required for my professional life. 

Joining local institutes to learn the skills wasn't for me.  So, I have always relied on MOOCs like Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare to learn the skills I need. 

And, by God's grace, I have never been disappointed. Always got what I required, and drastically paid lot lot less to learn skills. 

So, anyone who is like me, I would encourage you to try online learning for acquiring skills you require for your career. 

In this post I will talk about Udemy more, because it offers around 183,000+ online courses on almost any topic you can think of. 

Learn with Udemy (Black Friday Offer)

The first and highly recommended resource for online learning is undoubtedly Udemy!  It is the biggest online learning platform in terms of courses offered. The main features of this gigantic online learning marketplace are:
  • Largest platform for online learning, currently hosts over 183,000 online courses on all kinds of topics
  • Gives lifetime access to courses you take
  • 65 million students already learning with them
  • 50,000+ instructors on the platform 
  • Easy refund policy if you don't like a course
  • One can download the course to Udemy app for offline viewing. Great for travelers like me who are often travelling on remote places
  • Q&A section for each course, so you can discuss things with fellow students
  • Direct message instructors when a topic is not clear. And usually they do reply quickly
  • There are no recurring payments for the courses you already bought
Apart from the above, there are many more features that you will know as you start learning with them. 

Currently, Udemy is offering Black Friday discount, so the Price of 183,000+ courses is down to lowest of the year. It is recommended that you consider grabbing some courses. 

For India, their courses are only costing ₹360 each with Black Friday! 

Get a SkillShare Subscription (Get One Month Free Trial)

Skillshare is also a great platform for people who like to learn on the go. The best part is, with their single subscription, you get access to all the classes on the platform. And, those classes are not just any classes. They are created by top experts and are focused towards creativity.

Here are the features that make me love Skillshare:
  • One of the top online learning platforms
  • Offers free trial using which one can explore what they offer and finally make up the mind to go for the subscription
  • Over 35,000 classes focusing on skill building 
  • 8 million people already using the platform
  • Offline learning is possible with Skillshare Premium Subscription
  • Industry experts teaching on the platform
  • Very pocket friendly
So, if you are also like me, consider trying the platform. Get your free trial here.

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