Aksa Beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai, India

Aksa beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai according to what I have seen so far! During my three months of stay last year, I explored most of the beaches the city that never sleeps has to offer. But, Aksa beach is by far the best of them all.

Here's the beautiful sunset view at Aksa Beach:

Aksa beach mumbai india the cleanest beach

How to reach Aksa Beach?

There are several ways to reach Aksa beach, the one which I preferred was an auto rickshaw as it was just 7 kilometers away from where I was living. One can rent a scooty, bike or a car as parking is not an issue there. Local buses are available every 10 minutes, you can always opt for them as well.

Local buses are available from Malad(West), Borivali and Andheri(West) railway station. I used bus as well to reach there, I got a bus from Malvani 1 and paid just Rs 10 to get to the beach.

The beach is accessible from early morning till late night. Though it is advisable to only go when others are also around.

Here's my Aksa Beach Video:

Worth Seeing at Aksa Beach

Aksa beach is very popular, and attracts a lot of youngsters. One can watch young boys playing Cricket, Footbal, Kabaddi and lot of  other physical games. Apart from that, the food carts on the beach offer a lot to taste. Following are some of the things I loved the most:

  • The sound of the sea waves
  • Amazing sunset
  • Played Cricket
  • Young couples spending quality time
  • Kids enjoying as if there's no tomorrow
  • Great place for Meditation
See this amazing view of Aksa beach, it will sum it up the whole experience for you:

Amazing view of Aksa Beach Mumbai

Would I be going there again?

Given a chance, I would love to go there again and again! Can't express how much I miss it already. If you are someone who is looking to visit Mumbai, make sure to add Aksa beach in your bucket list. 

Hope you find this post interesting and will share it with friends and family. 

Happy Traveling!

Aksa Beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai, India Aksa Beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai, India Reviewed by Pankaj Sharma on 7/01/2019 Rating: 5

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