How to book flight tickets online?

how to book flight ticket online

Booking flight tickets has become super easy in today's day and age. If you want to learn how to book flight tickets online, this little guide will help you big time. You will not only learn about booking online flight tickets but will also learn to save some extra money. 

I will walk you through the process I follow to book my tickets. So do go through this post carefully and follow along. I will try to keep things super simple so even those who are not into technology can learn to book air tickets.

If you know someone who needs to learn about this, consider sharing this guide with them. Believe me your loved ones will love it.

Before I go ahead and show you the process, here's a little info about my experience:

I have been booking flight tickets online for myself, family and friends since 2008 and have always loved it. There are people who are still concerned about transacting online. But, don't worry, it is super safe. Just make sure you follow what I suggest.

With that, lets go on with the process of booking air tickets online!

Booking flight tickets online

Each airline company has its own ticket booking website but I highly recommend that you don't book tickets directly with Airline website as they don't offer you discount. Instead I prefer and recommend booking flight tickets through websites like:

Out of the above, I prefer to book my flight tickets through Cleartrip. As it is more convenient and saves you some extra money. Down below I walk you through the entire process. I will create the account from scratch just to show you how it should be done.

If you already have created your account on one of the above websites you can skip the next part and go straight to the part where I show you how save money on flight booking online.

Create an account on flight booking website

To book an online flight ticket you need an account on any of the websites I suggest above. For this article lets take my favorite Cleartrip in consideration and follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Find "Your Trips" section in top right corner and click on it
  • A small dialogue box will open, you will see "Register" click on that
  • A pop up box will open, enter your email address in the mentioned field and straight away click on continue
  • In next box, you will be asked to enter other details like Password, your full legal name, Gender, and Mobile Number. Additionally, if you have GST number, you can enter that as well by clicking in the check box below Mobile number
  • After filling up the details, click on "Create Account"
  • Done, you account is created
After the account creation, the next process is to book the ticket. Please go through it carefully to save money.

Booking Flight Tickets on Cleartrip

Now, after account creation is done you are automatically redirected to the homepage. On the homepage see the top right corner, you will see your email id there, which indicates that you are logged in.

Now, on the page you will see a flight booking form, fill it in the following manner:

  • There are three options, One Way, Round Trip and Multi-City; you need to select the one that fits you. For example if you want to go to Delhi tomorrow and Comeback to your city a day after or later, you can choose Round Trip. Similarly, if you want to go Delhi and stay there for indefinite time choose One Way
  • Now I will pick One Way in this example
  • In "From" field enter your City from where you want to board the flight
  • In "To" field enter the destination, where you want to go
  • Choose date in "Depart On" field. (Note: Always book your tickets well in advance to avoid rush charges)
  • In next field Choose number of people your are booking the flight ticket for
  • You may click on More Options if you want to book your ticket in a particular airline and your ticket class
  • Finally click on "Search Flights"
  • This will list all the flights along with details like: Price, Departure and Arrival Time, Duration of the flight, Airline name and Book button
  • Please carefully go through the search results and select the flight that interests you the most. Also keep an eye on the exclusive coupon codes above search results to get discount
  • Upon clicking on Book, you will be taken to booking page
  • On the page you will see Standard Fare and EzCancel if you believe you may need to cancel your ticket always use EzCancel option otherwise go ahead with Standard Fare
  • Now, you can optionally go for Travel Insurance and Baggage Protection, this will add additional charge to your ticket price
  • Next option would be to add a coupon code if you have any and hit apply. You will get the instant discount if the coupon you enter worked
  • Click on Continue
  • Add Mobile Number in the contact field and click on Continue
  • In next step Add Travelers Details such as Name, Gender and Nationality. Additionally supply the GST detail by clicking on checkbox if it is applicable to you. Finally click on Continue to payment. You will see the following payment page
how to book flight tickets online

  • Choose the payment method that you use the most. I would recommend UPI for making payments and click on Pay Now

Upon the payment confirmation, you will see a receipt on screen. You will get invoice and ticket sent to your inbox as well. 

Once the ticket is booked successfully, you can find it inside "Trips" section. So do check that out from there.

So that is all you need to do to book a flight ticket online. Please comment down below if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer as soon as I can.


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