Future of traveling for all Gumakkads around the world

All the Gumakkads (Traveling Enthusiasts) must be feeling the same as I do right now. It has almost been 4 months since I had my last trip.The urge of going out in the nature, mountains is very strong at the moment, but nothing can be done. The future of traveling for this year is not bright at all. The cases of Corona are still on the rise, you really can't do much in the situation.

However, there is some hope, Patanjali's Coronil, the Corona care kit, it is showing good results. The clinical trials are done and the results are 100%. Most patients defeated corona in 3 days and some in 7 days. The good thing is, this kit will be available in a weeks time. 

Corona Cure Kit Coronil
I will keep you posted about the new developments as and when they are posted. I hope this kit helps the community and the travel industry.

Update on Coronil Kit

The Coronil Kit has been cleared by the Ayush Mantralya, so it is now available in Patanjali stores near you. Though it is a Corona Cure medicine as per Swami Ramdev ji, but government is now alowing Patanjali to advertise it. Instead, the Govt. has ordered Patanjali to only sell it as immunity booster. 

So, I would suggest you to go for it as there is no harm in taking Ayurvedic medicines.

Therefore, do check with your local Patanjali stores about its availability and buy for yourself and your loved ones if they have low immunity.

Travel community is the worst hit in Covid Times, something like Coronil Kit can definitely help big time.

Are you going to try Coronil Kit?

Do let me know in comments section if you are going to try the Coronil Kit.


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