How to reach Almora Uttarakhand through Night Journey?

Jageshwar Temple Almora Uttarakhand

If you are planning to go to Almora Uttarakhand and you want to travel by the night. Do read this blog post and you will thank me for it. Almora or Almoda as locals call it, is a district in Uttarakhand famous for its mountains and fresh air. People from all over the world come to the district all around the year. 

Recently while on my trip to Uttarakhand I went to Almora as well. Due to my busy schedule, I could only afford to travel at night. And, believe me, it was a very tough task to find the right medium to reach Almora, especially through the night.

The idea behind this blog post is to help others like me who want to travel by the night to Almoda. So do read this article and share with others.

Right way to reach Almora Uttarakhand through Night Journey

There are several ways to reach Almora through night travel, and it largely depends upon your budget. If budget is not a concern then you can book a taxi and start your journey. In this post, I am going to cover how to reach Almoda from Haridwar and Rishikesh.

I was in Rishikesh the entire day and thought I would get a night bus from there to reach Almora. But, was surprised to find out there was no night bus from Rishikesh to Almora. So I enquired and came to know that one can take a shared taxi from the bus stand and reach the destination. But, the price of Taxi was too much.

So, I decided to ask locals, and they suggested me that I should go to Haridwar Bus Stand and find out from there. After thinking about 10-15 mins, I made up my mind and went to Haridwar. Reached there at 20:00pm and went straight to inquiry counter. 

Firstly, there was no one at the window but in few minutes the attendant came and told me, yes there are several buses that run from Haridwar to Almora at night. I pat my back and was happy that I decided to comeback to Haridwar to catch night bus to Alomra. 

I hopped on to the bus that was scheduled to leave at 20:30 pm, and my God, it did start on time. I took a big sigh of relief! The ticket cost was just above ₹500. And, it was less than what Taxi guy quoted. 

The best part is, the bus was not packed to capacity, so I could also get some sleep, as I was alone on three seat berth. I simply laid down and took couple of power naps. 

The bus stops over for dinner and tea break during the journey. Overall, it was decent experience.

The bus was scheduled to reach Almoda at 06:30 am but, due to landslide, it got delayed and finally it reached the destination at 08:30 am. 

I had the entire day to myself to explore the Almora, and I did that and again took the nigh bus and reached Haridwar the following day.

Thats it!
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